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Mississippi Migratory Bird Field Office


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Randy WIlson

Wildlife Biologist

Mississippi Migratory Bird Field Office
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Suite B
6578 Dogwood View PKWY
Jackson, MS 39213
Ph: 601-965-4903 ext 300
Fax: 601-965-4010


Established in 1986 providing services to private citizens, federal and state agency partners, conservation organization partners such as Ducks Unlimited, Louisiana and Mississippi Wildlife Federations, Black Bear Conservation Committee, Tensas Basin Technical Steering Committee, and the Wild Turkey Federation. We also support local governments and community groups along with other U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service entities.

The goals of this station are to conserve, protect and enhance Federal Trust Resources and their habitats including national wildlife refuges, wetlands, endangered species, and migratory birds. We provide biological support and scientific consultation to 28 national wildlife refuges located in Mississippi and Louisiana. This office coordinates migratory bird surveys, including mourning dove coo-call counts, mid-winter waterfowl surveys, other periodic migratory bird surveys and coordinates wood duck banding activities in both states. This office works extensively with private landowners restoring and managing wetlands through the regional Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program and Mississippi Partners Program. The Jackson Migratory Bird Field Office serves as a research liaison between national wildlife refuges and U.S. biological survey and state universities, particularly Mississippi State University (MSU) and Louisiana State University (LSU).

Through work with department of agriculture agencies and position on the Lower Mississippi River Ecosystem Team's Reforestation Committee and Private Lands Committee and the Central Gulf Ecosystem Team's Migratory Bird Committee, this office helps set the direction and priorities for migratory bird habitat restoration throughout the deep south.

Mississippi Migratory Bird Field Office Provides:
Assistance in the development of national migratory bird habitat plans and step down objectives for the North American Waterfowl Management Plan, American Woodcock Management Plan, National Shorebird and Partners In Flight State Plans.
Biological reviews of new national wildlife refuge acquisition proposals.
guidance to U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wetland Reserve Program and other Farm Bill activities with special emphasis in Mississippi and Louisiana. Serves as representative to State Technical Committee.
Technical expertise to Mississippi Partners Projects and is heavily involved in on-the-ground delivery of the Service's Partners for Fish and Wildlife program in both Louisiana and Mississippi.
Environmental outreach to local schools, conservation agencies and conservation organizations.
Assistance to aqua culture groups, particularly in Mississippi to resolve migratory bird depredation problems at aqua culture facilities.
National Wildlife Refuges in Louisiana and Mississippi with the development of their comprehensive management plans.
Congressional assistance upon request in resolving constituent issues that involves Federal trust species.
Assistance to Southern Regional Office of Ducks Unlimited in coordinating "MARSH" and "DONOR" projects on national wildlife refuges.


Last Updated: November 2016