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International Wildlife Conservation Council

International Wildlife Conservation Council

***** Council terminated as of 12/21/2019 *****

Council Objectives

The International Wildlife Conservation Council is an
official advisory group established under the Federal
Advisory Committee Act that advises the Secretary of
the Interior on issues including anti-poaching programs,
wildlife trafficking, and efforts to increase awareness of
the conservation and economic benefits of United States
citizens traveling to foreign nations to engage in hunting.


Read the summary report for 2018-2019.

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Council Members


Public Meeting Materials

Federal Advisory Committee Database

Elephant Population Statistics (1979 - 2016)

U.S. Imports of Sport-Hunted Elephants (Tusks and Trophies 2005 - 2016)


Summary Report for 2018-2019

Summary Report

Public Meeting Materials

October 16 - 17, 2019

Meeting Agenda

Federal Register Notice

Meeting Minutes


The Challenges of Trophy Hunting Importing and Exporting

Finding Common Ground in Africa

Outcomes of CITES CoP18 Species Proposals

Combating International Wildlife Crime

Conservation as an Expression of American Values

Management of Protected Areas and the Political Economy of Conservation in Africa

Integrative Wildlife Conservation and Habitat Protection: The Role of Hunting in Wildlife Conservation, Landscape Preservation and Rural Development

Additional Documents

Bontebok Permit Requests

March 14 - 15, 2019

*** Please note: Updated meeting times are reflected in the agenda and are different from what was provided in the federal register notice. ***

Meeting Agenda

Federal Register Notice

Meeting Minutes

Subcommittee Notes

Meeting Transcript (March 14)

Meeting Transcript (March 15)


Responsible Conservation Based Resource Use in Protected Wildlife Areas

Central Asia Conservation Initiative

Conservation Through Hunting

Biodiversity Loss and Buffer Zones

Testimony from Property and Environment Research Center

A Market Approach to Conservation in Africa

Additional Documents

Ngamiland Communities Statement on Safari Hunting in Botswana

How to Conserve Lion Through Hunting

Kruger National Park Concession Operations Manual

Greater Kruger Hunting Protocol for Reserves where Hunting Takes Place

"Africa Must Stop Selling its Nature Short" (African Business Magazine)

Interational Fund for Animal Welfare Letter to IWCC Members

Video: Tanzania- How Hunting Saves Wildlife Pt.1

September 26 - 27, 2018

Meeting Agenda

Federal Register Notice

Meeting Minutes

Subcommittee Notes

Meeting Transcript (September 26)

Meeting Transcript (September 27)


Sustainable Wildlife Management in Zimbabwe

Conservation Status and Related Impacts of Elephants and Lion Trophy Ban to Tanzania

Jaguars in Conflict

Sustainable Wildlife Utilization: Hunting as a Conservation Tool

Building Resilience for Wildlife Areas Black Mamba AntiPoaching Unit (All Women)

Conservation Hunting Namibia Communal Area Conservancies

Documents Submitted to Council

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June 19, 2018

The Council met to receive presentations on perspectives from Range Countries, as well as to receive presentations on the Service's law enforcement programs to combat illegal imports of species.

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

Subcommittee Notes


Federal Register Notice


Conservation in a Crisis Zone (Okapi Conservation Project)  

Counter-Poaching: What Does Not Work and What Might

U.S. Ports of Entry: Balancing Border Security and Customer Service

Benefits of Legal International Hunting to Conservation of Wildlife in Zambia

Submitted Materials

Wildlife Conservation Society Statement

Comment #1

Comment #2

Comment #3

March 16, 2018

The Council convened to launch the IWCC. During the session, the Council voted on a Chair and Vice-Chair and selected Bill Brewster and Jenifer Chatfield for these roles. Subcommittee chairs were also designated:

Policy Subcommittee - Chris Hudson (Chair)
Conservation Subcommittee - Denise Welker (Chair)
Enforcement/Trafficking/Community - Ivan Carter (Chair)

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes


Federal Register Notice

Public Comments Received


• U.S. Efforts to Combat Wildlife Trafficking

• U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service International Conservation Overview

Public Comments Submitted Prior to First Meeting

Letter from African Wildlife Foundation, International Rhino Foundation, Wildlife Conservation Society, World Wildlife Fund


Council Members

Bill Brewster (Chair)
Former U.S. Congressman from Oklahoma

Jenifer Chatfield, DVM, DACZM, DACVPM (Vice-Chair)
Conservation Medicine Consultant

Paul Babaz
President of Safari Club International

Ivan Carter
Founder of the Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance

Steve Chancellor
Founder of the Chancellor Foundation for International Wildlife Conservation

Jeffery Crane (Alternate Member)
President, Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation

Cameron Hanes
Author and Bow Hunting Enthusiast

Peter Lewis Horn II
Author and Outfitter

Chris Hudson
President of Chris C. Hudson, P.C.

Mike Ingram
Founder & Chairman of El Dorado Holdings, Inc.

John Jackson
President of Conservation Force

Gary Kania
Vice President, Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation

Terry Maple
Professor & Atlanta Zoo Director Emeritus

Keith Mark
Host of MacMillian River Adventures

Olivia Opre
Wildlife Conservationist, Show Host, & Travel Consultant

Erica Rhoad
Director of Hunting Policy, National Rifle Association

Denise Welker
Sport Hunting Enthusiast

Todd Willens (Ex-Officio)
Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Interior

Jon Harrison (Ex-Officio)
Senior Advisor, U.S. Department of State

Rowena Watson (Ex-Officio)
Foreign Affairs Officer, U.S. State Department