Branch of Security Management (BSM)
Chief, Kenneth Taylor

The Branch of Security Management (BSM) is responsible for overseeing the FWS Information Security Program to ensure adequate protection of Service information systems and the data they process. This office is responsible for developing FWS Information Technology (IT) security policies and procedures and ensuring compliance with IT security legal, regulatory and policy direction. BSM prepares and submits a significant number of reports on the status of the Service’s Information Security Program to external entities such as the Department of the Interior (DOI) Chief Information Officer (CIO), the Inspector General, Office of Management and Budget, Government Accounting Office, and the Congress. This office coordinates the Service-wide information security training program. BSM develops, implements and oversees the Service’s information security incident response program. BSM is responsible for maintaining an inventory of information systems’ Certification and Accreditation (C&A) status, ensuring the maintenance of C&A documentation, and scheduling the testing of information system contingency plans. This office is responsible for overseeing the establishment and implementation of IT security standards for all Service IT hardware and software. BSM is also responsible for overseeing the detection, reporting, remediation and monitoring of IT security weaknesses to ensure the proper implementation of corrective actions. This branch represents the Service on the DOI IT Security Team.

Last updated: June 21, 2011