Enterprise Operations Branch
Chief, Stephen Smith

The branch is responsible for Information Management and Technology (IMT) operations required to support the FWS mission. Serves as the FWS’s subject matter expert (SME) in the area of enterprise operational infrastructure services. Develops and implements information technology (IT) initiatives across the FWS and develops goals and objectives, related to the direction of the operational environment. Plans, develops, and oversees the long-term (strategic) and the short-term (tactical) technological direction of enterprise operational infrastructure services for FWS. Develops plans for systems, hardware, and software purchases; provides technical expertise and overall program management support; and provides technical direction for the Service-wide operational environment, including logical and physical data architecture, server architectures, systems software, data management services, data interchange services, IT security architecture, quality assurance, technical risk management, and configuration control. There are five areas within the Network Operations Branch: Engineering Service, Hosting and Data Services, Telecommunications and Collaboration, Radio Operations and the Network Operations and Security Center (NOSC).

Last updated: August 11, 2020