Assistant Director for Information Resources (ADIR)
Kenneth Taylor

IRTM is an integral part of the Service's day-to-day operations, providing a foundation and necessary tools for the natural resource programs to accomplish their mission. The Office of IRTM/ADIR is responsible for planning and execution of Information Resources Technology Management, Telecommunications Management, Automated System Security Management, Inventory and Assess Management, Information Project Management, Information System Strategic and Long-Term Planning, Information Management Career Development programs and activities, communications and IT Diversity.

As a leader, Ken’s political, business, and technology knowledge is driving the cohort of ADIRs within DOI in successfully building towards various enterprise platforms to include virtual desktop, voice over internet protocol and video. His long-term goal is providing a suite of secure tools to accomplish the Service's varied missions whenever and wherever it may be; from the traditional office to international locations around the globe. Ken’s federal service spans 31+ years, working for agencies like DOD, Census, Commerce, and the Interior. He’s been with the Service for the past five years.

Last updated: July 16, 2015