Volunteers and Invasive Plants: Learning and Lending a Hand link

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Volunteers and Invasive Plants: Learning and Lending a Hand

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The National Wildlife Refuge System

Working Together — It Is All About Partnerships

Managing invasive plants is a real challenge. That’s why the US Fish and Wildlife Service works with government agencies and organizations at both the national and local level. Partnerships are key to making headway on invasive plant problems that cross jurisdictional boundaries and effectively allocating valuable resources, such as limited dollars and people power, to get the work done. Because the Refuge System is comprised of lands all over the United States, it isn’t surprising that the USFWS has a lot of partners!


At the national level, the partners of the USFWS
  • coordinate federal agencies’ efforts
  • conduct scientific research
  • provide management information
  • manage public lands
  • provide educational opportunities and materials
  • and much more!

Explore the websites of the USFWS’s partners to learn what they are doing about invasive plants and to find resources that may be of interest to you.


At the local level, refuge staff are tackling invasive plant problems with a variety of partners, ranging from nonprofit conservation organizations to state government agencies. By working together they are achieving great results in protecting and restoring habitats.

Read about two refuges and their partners that are making a difference.

Buckthorn Across Borders: Protecting Native Wet Meadows, Minnesota Valley NWR, Minnesota
Photo of one of the 200 volunteers helping on the Buckthorn Across Borders project
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Restoring Tidal Marsh Habitat
San Pablo Bay NWR, California
Photo of kids helping with propagating native plants for restoration
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