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Volunteers and Invasive Plants: Learning and Lending a Hand

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Global Actions

Find out WHO is doing WHAT at the global level. The table below provides a few examples. Keep in mind that there is a lot more going on than what is listed here.

Who What

World Trade Organization

Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
Members of the World Trade Organization agree that members may adopt enforcing measures to restrict the movement of species that may cause a threat to human, animal or plant life, or health.

Photo of a beagle sniffing luggage at an airport.
A member of the world-famous Beagle Brigade searches for contraband food items in a passenger's luggage.

Photo credit: USDA APHIS

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

International Plant Protection Convention of 1951
A treaty that was established to protect the biodiversity of cultivated plants (food crops) and natural flora by minimizing the spread of invasive plants and plant pests.

Global Invasive Species Programme

Global Strategy on Invasive Alien Species (714 KB PDF; see PDF pages 42-46, Elements 5-10)
The contents of these pages in the Global Strategy on Invasive Alien Species are strategies, not policies. However, these strategies facilitate global cooperation and action

Scientific Research
Who What

Global Invasive Species Programme

A partnership program whose mission is to conserve biodiversity and sustain human livelihoods by minimizing the spread and impact of invasive alien species. Program goals include summarizing scientific and technical information to make it readily available for decision-makers and others. Partners include the three organizations below.

Invasive Species Specialist Group

A group of 146 scientific and policy experts from 41 countries that provides advice on invasive species problems, primarily on oceanic islands.

CAB International

An international organization that tackles some of the world’s most challenging problems, including invasive species, and produces and publishes scientific research information.

Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment

A network of scientists that focuses on global environmental issues including invasive species by developing syntheses and reviews of scientific knowledge, and by supporting decision-making.

Awareness and Education
Who What

Global Invasive Species Programme

Global Strategy on Invasive Alien Species (714 KB PDF; see PDF page 44, Element 7)
For the greatest global benefit, building public awareness and engagement focuses on helping states and organizations create a well informed public that will support invasive species actions and engage key stakeholders in creating solutions.