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MANAGING INVASIVE PLANTS: Concepts, Principles, and Practices

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Getting Started

Tips for Using the Learning Modules

Increasing Knowledge and Understanding

To get the most out of the learning modules consider the following:

  • Glance over the modules to get a feel for the topics and information that may spark your interest.
  • Set aside time to read a module completely. Leave time to take the “Test Your Knowledge” quizzes afterwards.
  • Explore the materials and Web sites that are linked from the modules.
  • In the computer’s browser, bookmark pages that are of interest.
  • If you prefer reading printed materials, print the modules and add them to a 3-ring binder. Add other information to the binder to build upon the topic.
  • Use the modules as a reference—return to them for information.

Using the “Back” Button on the Browser

  • After opening a PDF, slide show, or visiting a Web site linked from a module, use the “back” button on the browser window to return back to the module. If you close the browser window by clicking on the X button in the upper right corner instead of using the “back” button, the Managing Invasive Plants website will close.

Viewing Slide Shows, Case Studies, and PDF Files

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    If you are still having trouble viewing videos or slide shows, check to make sure that you do not have any adblocker software installed in your web browser that may be blocking video content.
  • When a slide show or case study is opened, it must load the images before they can be viewed. This process will take longer with dial-up Internet access.
  • Large PDF files can take time to open with dial-up Internet access. To reduce time, right click on the PDF, save to your computer, and then open the file.

Module Development

  • The Center for Invasive Management developed the content of the modules with input and information from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Thanks to the following for reviewing drafts of the content:
  • USFWS staff: G Block, P Clifford, D Dinkler, J Ericson, S Grace, S Henry, M Lusk, L Lyon, D Moore, J Niemann, T Parson, D Savignano, L Sollman, J Taylor, C Trosen, F Wetzel
  • D Barnett (Colorado State Univ.), B Nowierski (USDA/CSREES), B Olson (Montana State Univ.), T Prather (Univ. of Idaho)
  • Symbols used to create diagrams are the courtesy of the Integration and Application Network, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.
  • Home page photo credits: J & K Hollingsworth, G Gentry, and J Clark /USFWS, V Saab/USFS RMRS, BLM
  • The website was designed by Earthtalk Studios