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Zebra Mussel Clump

An example of a Zebra Mussel clump.

Credit: USFWS

Welcome to the Invasive Species Activities page of the USFWS Invasive Species Web Portal. This site focuses on Service activities arranged by the various subject areas commonly used in the invasive species world (prevention, control, detection and monitoring, outreach, etc.). This section is intended for those who may not understand or care about how the Service is organized but are interested in what the Service is doing within the subject areas. In addition, because different Service programs conduct activities in these subject areas, it allows the Service to present its efforts in these subject areas in a unified manner.

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  • The Integrated Pest Management section highlights the USFWS efforts to use a comprehensive, environmentally sensitive approach to manage pests (including invasive species) that includes a combination of strategies that pose the least hazard to people, property, and the environment.

Resources for Teachers

Kids love to learn about invasive species. One way to get them involved is to teach them how to recognize invasive plants in their area. Being on the lookout for new invaders and reporting them to land managers early can be critically important in the fight against invasive species. Early detection networks are developing all around the country. The Student Weed Stopper Program (269 KB PDF) is one of these networks and includes classroom and laboratory activities.

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  • The Prevention section details Service activities to prevent new introductions and to prevent the spread of already-established invasive species.
  • The Detection and Monitoring section highlights Service activities to detect introductions before they become established and to better understand the extent of existing populations and to gauge the degree of infestation of various ecosystems.
  • The Rapid Assessment and Rapid Response section details Service activities to determine the threat of newly discovered introductions and to rapidly respond to those introductions in which eradication of the invasive species may be possible.
  • The Control and Management section highlights Service activities to control and manage established invaders to reduce their impacts to our natural habitats and our economy.
  • The Restoration section shows how the USFWS works with partners and stakeholders to restore habitats degraded by invasive species.
  • The Education and Outreach section highlights the USFWS activities to educate the public sector on the invasive species issue through national public awareness campaigns and other efforts.
  • The Technical Assistance section shows how the USFWS uses its expertise in the field of invasive species to help other stakeholders with their invasive species activities.
  • The Research section provides information on some of the invasive species research in which the USFWS is involved.