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Habitat Restoration Programs

The Fish and Wildlife Service helps protect a healthy ecosystem for people, fish and wildlife, and helps Americans conserve and enjoy the outdoors. The Service’s major responsibilities are for migratory birds, endangered species, certain marine mammals, anadromous and inter-jurisdictional fish, and other aquatic species. It is estimated that 60% of our Nation’s land is privately owned and that the majority of our fish and wildlife resources occur on private lands. Consequently, the conservation lands held by Federal and state agencies and other conservation groups do not completely provide for fish and wildlife needs. Stewardship of our fish and wildlife resources and protection against threats from invasive species cannot be performed solely on public lands; therefore, public funds are also expended on private lands to accomplish habitat restoration and protection through cooperative conservation programs.

Through its cooperative conservation programs, the Service works with many other entities to provide technical and financial assistance and outreach for habitat restoration issues, including those related to invasive species. Two such programs include the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program and the Coastal Program.

The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program provides technical and financial assistance to private landowners and Tribes who are willing to work with the Service and other partners on a voluntary basis to help meet the habitat conservation needs of Federal Trust Species.

The Coastal Program assists communities in conserving coastal resources through fish and wildlife habitat assessment, ecological restoration, technical assistance related to public and private lands in need of protection, outreach and education. The Coastal Program promotes large-scale ecosystem-based policies, seeks partnerships to conduct on-the-ground restoration and protection activities, and catalyzes public action to solve problems in the Nation’s coastal areas.

Both the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program and the Coastal Program are voluntary habitat restoration programs that leverage funds from partners to restore and conserve priority habitat for fish and wildlife.