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In collaboration with the Zoological Society of London, USFWS launched MENTOR-POP (Progress on Pangolins) in 2016. Based in Yaoundé, Cameroon, this 18-month program is developing a transdisciplinary team of nine early career Central African and Asian conservation practitioners to champion the conservation of pangolins in Central Africa. All three pangolin species found in Central Africa are threatened by poaching and trafficking for the commercial bushmeat market and to meet the international demand for their scales and meat, as well as by habitat loss. The MENTOR-POP Fellows are currently implementing projects on field assessment, law enforcement, and demand reduction. Collaborating with governments, non-governmental organizations, universities, and local communities, the Fellows are gaining valuable insights into threats to pangolins while also expanding their professional networks to prepare for careers beyond the program.

The MENTOR Fellowship Programs are a series of programs that combine rigorous academic and field-based training, long-term mentoring, experiential learning, and project implementation to develop transdisciplinary teams of emerging African conservation professionals to address threats to wildlife.

Since 2008, the Service supported MENTOR programs on the bushmeat trade in eastern Africa, forest conservation in Central Africa, manatees in Central Africa, chimpanzees in West Africa, and pangolins in Central Africa. After graduating from MENTOR programs, Fellows have gone on to play important roles in government and NGOs leading wildlife training centers, implementing innovative wildlife law enforcement efforts, and conducting applied wildlife research to inform policy.

Stories Written by MENTOR-POP Fellows

World Pangolin Day Celebration in Mbam et Djerem National Park, Cameroon The first "World Pangolin Week" ever in Cameroon
Rescued Pangolin Given a Second Life in Cameroon Pangolin Protection Strengthens and MENTOR-POP Can't Wait
Networking and Mosquito Bites for Conservation MENTOR-POP Fellows Support Pangolins at IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawaii

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