Frequently Asked Questions about Divison of International Conservation Grants


Who is eligible to apply for a DIC grant?

Foreign and domestic entities with a valid DUNS number. Additional applicant eligibility requirements can be found in the posted Notification of Funding Availability, posted on

Q.   How and when can I submit an application?

A.  Consult the Notification of Funding Availability for each grant program on The Notification announces the request for proposals and details all application and eligibility requirements for each grant program. Each grant program has its own application deadline.  Domestic (U.S.) applicants must submit applications via, all application requirements can be found along with the online application portal. Non-domestic (foreign) applicants may submit via or by submitting a single .pdf via email, all application requirements can be found in the Notification for the grant program.

Q.   How competitive are DIC grant programs?

A.   Competition for DIC grants is keen, with a 10-50% approval rate depending on the grant program.

Q.   How long before I am notified of the disposition of my application? 

A. Per regulation, you will be notified within 180 days of submission.

Q.   I have more questions! Who can I contact?

A. Send an email to the appropriate grant program, which can be found on the program’s pagelet.


Frequently Asked Questions about Divisions of Management and Scientific Authority


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