Our goal is to provide parents with resources to help encourage children’s interests in conservation and international species. Check out more information about species and find wildlife programs that you can do with your child. Get outside and see how you can help the environment, and international species, right in your own backyard. And learn the benefits of getting your kids outdoors.PDF Download

FWS employee Molly Monroe assists volunteers planting wildflowers.

Credit: George Gentry/USFWS

Get Involved!

If your child is interested in wildlife there are many opportunities for children to interact with wildlife and nature in your own community. Getting involved locally helps your child understand what it takes to help out globally. Everything from playing outside to going to a national park or refuge provides an opportunity to get outside and learn about wildlife.

For more fun ideas to get your child involved in nature conservation, check out our Zoo Scavanger Hunt and our how to's for throwing a Wildlife Themed Party! Also read The Humane Society's resources for parents, Ranger Rick's old-fashioned outdoors games PDF Download and boredom busters for kids during your next outdoor adventure. PDF Download