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Press Releases

October 3rd: Marine Species Take Center Stage at Global Wildlife Trade Meeting

October 3rd: Global Protections Achieved for Imperiled Reptiles

October 3rd: U.S. Statement on Swaziland Proposal to Commercialize Rhino Horn

October 3rd: Statement on U.S. Vote on African Elephant CITES Uplisting Proposal

October 2nd: CITES Members Urged to Close Domestic Ivory Markets

October 2nd: Strongest CITES Protections Signal Hopeful Future for African Grey Parrots

September 28th: CITES Unites to Change the Fate of Pangolins

September 21st: U.S. to Support Greater Protections for Pangolins, African Grey Parrots, Chambered Nautilus at World’s Largest International Wildlife Trade Forum

Image Library

Images of species that can be used with credits for news stories, blog posts, and other needs. Click here to access the Flickr Album.

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Tumblr Blog


CITES CoP16 Recap: "What We Accomplished"

Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

African Grey Parrot: Species in Decline

Credit: Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

This video is also available in Spanish and French.

#StopWildlifeTrafficking Campaign Animated Infographic

#StopWildlifeTrafficking-Campaign Animated Infographic from WildAid on Vimeo.