[Video] Tiger Research and Conservation Trust Collaborates to Minimize Conflict between Humans and Tigers

Screenshot from Tiger Film. Credit: Evanescene

The Chandrapur district of Central India is known for its tigers. Made famous by the Tadoba Andhari Tiger reserve, this region has had a dark history of Human - Tiger conflict. 2008 saw an unprecedented scale of attacks in this region, escalating to more than 40 deaths over a span of 3 years.

The reasons for conflict became clearer with an in-depth study of these conflict cases by conservationists of Tiger Research and Conservation Trust (TRACT). What they found was surprising and illuminating. More than 50 tigers live outside the protective areas. 

This short film by Evanescene studios is based on work done by Tiger Research and Conservation Trust with support from USFWS gives an insight into the life of local communities co-habiting with tigers and leopards in fringe forests of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. The documentary details reasons for conflict and how local community members can mitigate human-tiger/leopard conflict.