Amazing Green Animal Photos

Happy Saint Patrick's Day. Join us in celebrating the holiday and learning some fun facts about some pretty cool (green) critters!

Caterpillar Automeris sp title=

Caterpillar Automeris: Beautiful but beware! The spines of this caterpillar are venomous and inflict a powerful sting to protect itself from predators.

Credit: Jonathan Kolby

Caterpillar Opsiphanes sp Credit: Jonathan Kolby

Caterpillar with horns: Dragon are real! Or rather caterpillars that look like dragons. It's unknown why these caterpillars have such impressive horns, but it might provide some defense against predation by hungry birds -- that look like a difficult mouthful to swallow.

Credit: Jonathan Kolby

Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni Credit: Jonathan Kolby

There are many frogs in the rainforest that look just like Kermit! These cute critters are called Glass Frogs due to the transparent skin on their belly through which you can see their bones and even the heart beating!

Credit: Jonathan Kolby

Leaf Katydid Credit: Jonathan Kolby

Can you find where this leaf katydid is hiding?

Credit: Jonathan Kolby

Madagascar  Mountain Chameleon Calumma hilleniusi Credit Jonathan Kolby

This mesmerizing spiral is the tail of the Mountain Chameleon. This species is under threat from deforestation in Madagascar.

Credit: Jonathan Kolby

Parrot Snake Leptophis mexicanus Credit: Jonathan Kolby

The incredibly green and slender body of a parrot snake helps it blend in with leaves and vines up in the trees, where they feed upon birds and lizards.

Credit: Jonathan Kolby