The following list includes links to all application forms that are issued by the Division of Management Authority.  If you are trying to access application forms issued by other U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service programs, please visit the main permits page.

Form Number

Form Title

3-200-19 pdf

Import of Sport-hunted Trophies of
Southern African Leopard, African Elephant, and
Namibian Southern White Rhinoceros

3-200-20 pdf

Import of Sport-hunted trophies
(Appendix I of CITES and/or ESA)

3-200-21 pdf

Import of Sport-Hunted Trophies of Argali

3-200-22 pdf

Import of Sport-Hunted Bontebok Trophies from South Africa

3-200-23 pdf

Export of Pre-Convention, Pre-Act, or Antique Specimens (CITES, MMPA and/or ESA)

3-200-24 pdf

Export of Live Captive Born Animals (CITES)

3-200-25 pdf

Export of Live Raptors (MBTA and/or CITES)

3-200-26 pdf

Commercial Export of skins/products of 6 native species: bobcat, lynx, river otter, Alaskan brown bear, Alaskan gray wolf, and American alligator (CITES)

3-200-27 pdf

Export of Wildlife Removed From the Wild (Live Animals / Samples / Parts / Products)(CITES)

3-200-28 pdf

Export/Re-export of Trophies by Hunters or Taxidermist

3-200-29 pdf

Import/Export/Re-export of Wildlife Samples and/or Biomedical Samples (CITES)

3-200-30 pdf

Export/Re-export/Re-Import of Circuses and Traveling Animal Exhibitions (and Reissuance) (CITES/ESA)

3-200-30a pdf

Annual Report for Exhibition Permittees

3-200-31 pdf

Introduction from the Sea (CITES/ESA)

3-200-32 pdf

Export/Re-export of Plants (CITES)

3-200-33 pdf

Export of Artificially Propagated Plants (Multiple Commercial Shipments)

3-200-34 pdf

Export of American Ginseng (CITES) (Multiple Commercial Shipments)

3-200-35 pdf

Import of Wild-Collected Appendix I Plants

3-200-36 pdf

Export/Import/Interstate and Foreign Commerce of Plants ( ESA/and or CITES)

3-200-37 pdf

Export/Import/Interstate & Foreign Commerce Take of Animals (Live/ Samples/Parts/Products) (ESA and/or CITES)

3-200-39 pdf

Certificate of Scientific Exchange (CITES)

3-200-39a pdf

Certificate of Scientific Exchange (COSE) Special Reporting Conditions

3-200-40 pdf

Export and Re-Import of Museum Specimens (ESA)

3-200-40a pdf

ESA Museum Permittee Reporting Requirements

3-200-41 pdf

Captive-Bred Wildlife Registration (ESA)

3-200-41a pdf

Captive-Bred Wildlife Registration (Annual Report Form)

3-200-42 pdf

Import/Acquisition/Transport of Injurious Wildlife

3-200-43 pdf

Take/Import/Transport/Export of Marine Mammals or Renewal/Amendment of Existing Permit (MMPA and/or ESA; CITES)

3-200-44 pdf

Registration of an Agent/Tannery (MMPA)

3-200-44a pdf

Registered Agent/Tannery Bi-Annual Inventory Report

3-200-46 pdf

Import/Export/Re-export of Personal Pets (CITES and/or Wild Bird Conservation Act)

3-200-47 pdf

Import of Birds for Scientific Research or Zoological Breeding & Display (WBCA)

3-200-48 pdf

Import of Birds under an Approved Cooperative Breeding Program (WBCA)

3-200-49 pdf

Approval, Amendment, or Renewal of a Cooperative Breeding Program (WBCA)

3-200-50 pdf

Approval of Sustainable Use Management Plan Under the Wild Bird Conservation Act

3-200-51 pdf

Approval of a Foreign Breeding Facility Under the WBCA

3-200-52 pdf

Reissuance, Renewal, or Amendment of a Permit or Certificate

3-200-53 pdf

Export /Re-Export of Live Captive Held Marine Mammals (CITES)

3-200-58 pdf

Permit Issued Retrospectively - Supplemental Application (CITES)

3-200-61 pdf

American Ginseng Export Program (CITES)

3-200-64 pdf

Certificate of Ownership for Personally Owned Wildlife "Pet passport" (CITES)

3-200-65 pdf

Registration of Appendix-I Commercial Breeding Operations (CITES)

3-200-66 pdf

Replacement Document - CITES/ESA/MMPA/WBCA/LACEY ACT)

3-200-69 pdf

Export/Import/Transport of Bald and Golden Eagles
for Scientific or Exhibition Purposes (CITES)

3-200-70 pdf

Export/Re-import/Transport of Bald and Golden Eagle For Indian Religious Purposes (CITES)

3-200-73 pdf

Re-Export of Wildlife (CITES)

3-200-74 pdf

Single-Use Export Permits Under a Master File or Annual Program File (CITES)

3-200-75 pdf

Registration of a Production Facility for Export of Certain Native Species- Multiple Commercial Shipments (CITES)

3-200-76 pdf

Export of Caviar or Meat of Paddlefish or Sturgeon Removed from the Wild (CITES)

3-200-80 pdf

Export of Fertilized Live Eggs, Caviar or Meat of Paddlefish or Sturgeon from an Aquaculture Facility (CITES)

3-200-85 pdf

Establishment of a Master File for the Export of Live Animals Bred in Captivity- Multiple Commercial Shipments (CITES)

3-200-86 pdf

Photography of Marine Mammals for Educational or Commercial Purposes (MMPA)

3-200-87 pdf

Transfer / Transport of Captive-held Marine Mammals (MMPA)

3-200-88 pdf

Pre-Convention, Pre-Act, or Antique Musical Instruments Certificate (CITES, MMPA and/or ESA)