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Employee Travel Tips

It is mandatory to use the government travel charge card for official travel. Picture of an airplane

  • Never use your personal credit card or cash while on official travel status. This includes the purchase of airline tickets and hotel expenses.
  • Complete travel vouchers within five days of the trip. Always have your trip approved by your supervisor.
  • Always have your travel voucher approved by supervisor in GovTripPay.
  • Pay your government-issued credit card statement upon receipt. Per Diem rates can be found at <www.gsa.gov> and at the DOI Travel site listed below.
  • Use your Verizon Business long-distance telephone calling card on travel.
  • Always verify hotel-advertised “government rates” do not exceed he current GSA per diem rates. Any additional amount will be the responsibility of the employee. For complete travel information, visit both the DOI Travel website at <www.doi.gov/ethics/travel.cfm> and the Service’s
    website with up-to-date manual chapters at <www.fws.gov/policy/manuals>.To arrange Government travel, log on to <www.govtrip.com> or call Sato Travel at 1-866-486-6135.

Travel-related questions may be directed to your regional Federal Agency Travel Administrator:

Region 1: 503/231-6824
Region 2: 505/248-6932
Region 3: 612/713-5174
Region 4: 404/679-4098
Region 5: 413/253-8222
Region 6: 303/236-4451
Region 7: 907/786-3986
Region 8: 503/231-6824
Region 9: 703/358-1781


Last updated: December 15, 2014
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