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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get Service publications or information on fish, wildlife, and plant species?

To obtain a publication or information on wildlife species, employees should call the Service's Fulfillment Center at 304/876-7203 or fax a request to 304/876-7689. The general public should be advised to use 800/344-WILD. Electronic files of many publications are available on the Web at library.fws.gov. The Service also has individual fact sheets on many species at www.fws.gov/species .

Where can I get visitor information about refuges?

You can get visitor information directly from the individual refuges. For information about the Refuge System call 800/344-WILD or 703/358-1744, or visit the Web at www.fws.gov/refuges.

Where can I get visitor information about fish hatcheries?

You can get visitor information directly from individual hatcheries. The "Federal & State Listing of Fishery Offices" has hatchery addresses and phone numbers, and can be obtained by calling 304/876-7203 or 703/358-1715. Hatchery addresses are also available at www.fws.gov/fisheries or www.fws.gov/offices.

Where can I get information about bird houses and feeders?

Receive information about bird houses and feeders by calling 800/344-WILD or Migratory Bird Management at 703/358-1714, or visit the Web at www.fws.gov/birds.

How do I find America the Beautiful – the National Parks and Federal Recreational Land Passes (replaced Golden Eagle and Golden Age Passports)?

Call 888/ASK-USGS or go to Website www.recreation.gov.

Where do I go for hunting and fishing licenses?

Hunting and fishing regulations and licenses are issued by State fish and wildlife or natural resources agencies and are available at most places where hunting and fishing gear is sold. If you want to hunt migratory birds (ducks, geese, etc.), you will also need a Federal Duck Stamp. For State contacts, see State Fish and Wildlife Agencies in this guide or at www.fws.gov/offices.

Where can I purchase a Federal Duck Stamp?

The $15 duck stamps are available at U.S. Post Offices, WalMarts, Kmarts, sporting goods stores, and many national wildlife refuges. Stamps can be ordered and sent overnight by calling either 800/DUCK499 or 800/STAMP24.

How do I report bird bands?

Call 800/327-BAND (2263) or visit USGS' Bird Banding Lab on the Web at www.reportband.gov or www.pwrc.usgs.gov/bbl/.

What kinds of grants and other financial assistance are available from the Service?

  • For information about wetlands conservation grants through Bird Habitat Conservation, call 703/358-1784.
  • For information about assistance restoring a variety of habitat on private land through the Partners for Fish and Wildlife
    Program, contact Habitat and Resource Conservation at 703/358-2161.
  • For information about grants available through International Conservation, call 703/358-1754 or visit <www.fws.gov/grants>.
  • For information about financial assistance for endangered and imperiled species and their habitats, contact Endangered
    Species at 703/358-2171 or visit <www.fws.gov/endangered/grants/index.html>.

How do I get a job with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service?

Jobs can be found at <www.usajobs.gov>. This link will display the current vacancies. New vacancies
appear frequently, so job seekers are encouraged to check this website periodically. For career and other employment information, visit <www.fws.gov/humancapital/job_seekers.html>. The job seeker link is not on the current FAQ page <www.fws.gov/info/pocketguide/faqs.htm>

Are there opportunities to volunteer with the Service?

Yes. You can receive volunteer information by calling 800/344 WILD, or visit the Web at www.fws.gov/volunteers.



Last updated: July 23, 2013
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