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Conserving the Nature of America
Young girl holds a fake animal scat (shaped as a scopion) at the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge.
A young visitor to San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge finds humor in handling fake animal scat. Credit: Lisa Cox/USFWS

Ewww, Gross. Tell Me More

August 17, 2018
Want to turn the uncurious into avid nature fans? Show them something gross or slimy. Many things we instinctively shy from as slimy, smelly, weird or grotesque also fascinate us.
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ose L. Roig standing in a hillside field where native coffee tree will be planted.
Jose L. Roig has been participating in the Partners for Fish and Wildlife program since 2013, using his coffee plantation as a habitat to benefit seven animals and plants that are listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act. Credit: Photo courtesy of Jose L. Roig

Aid in the Shade

August 15, 2018

Once the immediate crisis of Hurricane Maria had passed last fall in Puerto Rico, the Service’s Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program got to work with shade-grown coffee plantations in the region. Working with a local partner, the Partners Program is providing about 2,000 native shade trees that will be planted soon. This helps not only coffee growers but also wildlife, with one plantation serving as home to seven endangered species.
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Test Your Knowledge

August 9, 2018
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife conserves thousands of cultural, historic and archaeological resources on national wildlife refuges. Take our 12-question “Name That Refuge: Culture & History Quiz” to see how much you know about those resources. There are two ways to take it. You can click on the video of the quiz to do all of the questions at once, quickly. Or you can search #WildlifeRefugeQuiz on Twitter to take the quiz one question per day through August 20.