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Invasive Species


Help Us Fight Invasive Species

Invasive species hinder the ability of the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Office to attain our Agencies Mission to conserve, enhance, and restore fish, wildlife, and plants for the continuing benefit of the American people.  Our goal is to work with others to prevent, identify, contain, control, and eradicate invasive species outbreaks; and to restore the native habitats that have been affected.  We aim to effectively and efficiently deal with invasive species outbreaks while causing the least amount of additional harm to native species.

  • What Are Invasive Species?

    Yellow Starthistle; USFWS

    An invasive species is any organism or part of an organism that can be propagated, that when moved to a new habitat, thrives and causes harm to human health, the economy, or the environment.

  • Why Should I Care?

    Man Decontaminating a Boat; USFWS

    You should care because these species

      -Could directly injure you

      -Could reduce your income or increase your expenses

      -Could degrade the environment upon which you depend.

  • What Can I Do to Help?

    People Conducting Stream Survey; USFWS

      -Stay informed

      -Spread the word, not invasive species

      -Reporting possible sightings

    Idaho Invasive Species Hotline: 1- (877) 336-8676 (toll free)

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