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Partner's Program in Idaho

USFWS: Silver Springs

Our nation’s private landowners are critical to the success of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s mission to conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats. The Service has many tools and
programs for conservation of fish, wildlife and plants on private lands.

The goal of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Partners Program is to work with private and Tribal landowners who want to voluntarily improve fish, wildlife, and plant habitat on their lands.

The program provides cost-share funding and technical expertise to landowners, and landowners can request assistance at any time of the year. The program’s focus is on improvement of wetland, riparian,
sagebrush/grasslands, wet-meadow, and aquatic habitats to benefit migratory birds, and threatened, endangered and other sensitive or declining species.

  • Eligible Landowners
    • Individual private landowners, Native American Tribes, corporations, schools, counties, cities, and other groups.

    • Projects on federal and state lands are not eligible.

    Selection Criteria
    • Projects are selected based on their benefits to wetland, riparian, sagebrush/grasslands, wet-meadow, and aquatic habitats for migratory birds, threatened or endangered species, and sensitive or declining species.

    • Project selection occurs at the local level based on identified priorities.

    • The intent of the program is to improve native fish, wildlife, and plant habitats; plantings and seedings should generally consist of native species.

    • Partners funds may not be used on habitat improvement projects being implemented for mitigation purposes under any federal or state regulatory program.

    Program Application
    • Landowners can request assistance at any time during the year. There is no application period.

    • Service personnel will help the landowner develop the project proposal and application, including an agreement between the landowner and the Service, or will meet with the landowner to provide technical assistance.

    • Landowners interested in becoming a Partner simply contact the Partners Program Coordinators: Boise - Kathleen Hendricks: 208-378-5742; Eastern Idaho - Cary Myler: 208-237-6975 ex 104; Northern Idaho - Juliet Barent: 509-893-8005.

    Program Cost-Share
    • Landowners receive reimbursement for the Service’s portion of the project cost after the work is completed.

    • A 50:50 cost-share ratio is targeted, but some flexibility is allowed.

    • The Partners Program can contribute up to $25,000 in cost-share funds per project.

    Partnerships: Can Others Contribute?
    • The Partners Program can cost-share with anyone to help finance a habitat improvement project. Funding can come from landowners, other federal agencies, state and local agencies, soil and water conservation districts, and non-governmental agencies such as land trusts, Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, or other environmental/natural resource organizations.

    • Cost-share funding from others can be in the form of “in-kind” as well as cash.

    • Federal, state, and local governmental agencies or private rganizations can act as intermediaries for the Service in arranging and carrying out habitat improvement projects by entering into Cooperative Agreements.

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