Building a Stronger Coast
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Interior Secretary announces $102 million in Coastal Resilience Grants to help Atlantic coast communities withstand future storms

June 16, 2014 – Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell today announced $102 million in competitive matching grants to support 54 projects along the Atlantic coast. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the grants will fund science-based solutions to restore an estimated 6,634 acres of wetlands and marshes; 225 acres of beach; and 364 acres of riparian buffers (vegetation lining streams), which help strengthen coasts to withstand future storms and sea-level rise. Other projects include dam removals and culvert replacements, which will open 287 miles of streams to fish passage while reducing flood risks to communities. Many projects will be complementary to similar U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service efforts already underway along the Atlantic coast. The projects also will provide an economic boost, creating hundreds of jobs in local communities.

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PHOTO: Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland is one of 54 project sites that will benefit from Department of the Interior grants announced today.
Credit: Ray Paterra/USFWS

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