Building a Stronger Coast
Clean-up in progress - USFWS.
Service leads effort to restore New Jersey beaches impacted by Hurricane Sandy

PHOTO: Specialized earth-movers deposit thousands of tons of sand at Reeds Beach on New Jersey’s Delaware Bay.April 3, 2014 - The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is coordinating an effort to restore five New Jersey beaches that suffered severe erosion from Hurricane Sandy. The project’s goal is to replenish the beaches by early May. Using $1.65 million in Hurricane Sandy mitigation funds from the Department of the Interior, the restoration effort will trace the coast of Delaware Bay, where large debris including chunks of asphalt and bricks, concrete pipes, slabs, and pilings will be cleared and approximately 45,000 tons of sand will be deposited at area beaches. A replenished shoreline will encourage  the return of horseshoe crabs for seasonal spawning, whose eggs are a food staple for the declining migratory bird, the red knot. The Service is supporting the effort in partnership with the American Littoral Society, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Army Corps of Engineers.

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PHOTO: Specialized earth-movers deposit thousands of tons of sand at Kimbles Beach on New Jersey’s Delaware Bay.
Credit: Eric Schrading/USFWS

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