Building a Stronger Coast
Clean-up in progress - USFWS.
Downed trees cleared from Long Island refuges

Jan. 8, 2014 – Hundreds of trees that were blown down during Hurricane Sandy are now being removed from several national wildlife refuges on Long Island N.Y. Two forestry crews from the Southampton and Old Brookville offices of SavATree, based in Bedford Hills, N.Y., have cleared timber from the Wertheim and Elizabeth A. Morton refuges. They will move next to the Seatuck refuge, and to Target Rock on Long Island’s northern coast, where damage to forested areas was some of the most extensive. SavATree is expected to complete all tree removal by late February. Some refuge road or trail closures may be necessary to complete the work, and notice of any closures will be posted on the refuge complex’s website.

Visit the Long Island refuges website
Photos: Tree Damage at Long Island Refuges

PHOTO: An Uprooted tree at Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge.
Credit: Todd Weston/USFWS

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