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Round Hill Salt Marsh Restoration Project

Location: Massachusetts

Project type: Resilience

Funding awarded: $2,277,000

Project Summary

This project directly restores 11.6 acres of salt marsh functions and values lost for nearly 100 years because of historic filling. It also protects and enhances the natural movement of water of the connected 70-acre Meadow Shores Marsh by enhancing the inlet through which the tidal waters that sustain these marshes flow, and increasing tidal flushing to the existing marsh. This is being accomplished by directly removing up to 75,000 cubic yards of fill material from the marsh, re-vegetating, and replacing the defunct wooden culvert beneath Ray Peck Drive. The larger, replacement culvert will restore natural tidal exchange within the marsh.

Conservation Goals

  • Mitigate coastal flooding through enhanced drainage and improved tidal dynamics of the larger Meadow Shores marsh complex during coastal storm events

Project Benefits

  • Improves nature's defenses and adaptability to future weather events by expanding estuarine habitat and flood storage capacity and promoting marsh expansion for added protection
  • Provides valuable public involvement and educational opportunities due to its highly visible location adjacent to a town beach
  • Provides additional recreational opportunities with construction of associated walking trails

Project Partners

  • Town of Dartmouth
  • Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration (MADER)
  • NOAA Restoration Center
  • Partners for Fish and Wildlife Programs

Additional Details

Implementation of this project represents a significant contribution toward starting restoration projects identified under the New Bedford Harbor Environment Wetlands Restoration Plan. It will build upon collaborative interagency projects completed over the past decade to restore degraded coastal wetlands and demonstrate the relationship between healthy estuarine habitats and enhanced natural defenses along the coast. Long-term monitoring and sharing of results will track the effects of restoration actions on tidal wetland re-establishment.

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Last updated: November 4, 2016