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Dewey’s and Quantico Creeks Culvert Restoration Project

Location: Virginia

Project type: Resilience

Project status: Completed

Funding awarded: $330,750


Construction work began in September 2016 to improve resiliency of a culvert on Dewey’s Creek, a tributary of Quantico Creek.

Project Summary

The project will restore 400 feet of stream above the Possum Point Road culvert – located on Route 633 at the Prince William County and Town of Dumfries line – over Dewey’s Creek, a tributary of Quantico Creek in Prince William County, Virginia. Restoration will improve sediment transport, water flow and fish habitat and reduce the risk of flooding to the nearby community.

Conservation Goals

  • Reduce potential for structural failure of the culvert over Dewey’s Creek.
  • Improve access to 6.25 miles of aquatic habitat for Service trust species including American eels.

Project Benefits

  • Eliminates public safety hazard
  • Protects adjacent property and critical community infrastructure including a public water main and an access road to the Possum Point power station
  • Restores access to upstream habitat for American eel

Project Partners

  • Town of Dumfries
  • Prince William County
  • American Rivers

Additional Details

The culvert functionality was compromised during Hurricane Sandy and it became clogged with sediment. Previous structures at the site have had a history of overtopping during high flow events. Stream restoration will prevent future overtopping during storms and allow normal sediment flow to return. Improvements to the site, which also currently presents a partial blockage to fish passage for American eel and river herring, will prevent future flooding and expand natural access to upstream habitat to these fish.

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Dewey’s and Quantico Creeks Project Map

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Last updated: April 11, 2018