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Swans and ducks taking flight at MacKay Island National Wildlife Refuge - Larry Wilcox/USFWS
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MacKay Island National Wildlife Refuge

Location: Knotts Island, NC

Project: Repair Bulkhead Breaches

Project type: Recovery

Funding awarded: $1,790,000

Project Summary

This project will repair multiple breaches in a 1.2-mile bulkhead that surrounds a portion of the MacKay Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Conservation / Restoration Goals

  • Repair facilities to restore staff and visitor access
  • Preserve wintering snow geese and waterfowl habitat
  • Preserve a conservation legacy area

Project Benefits

  • Restores staff and visitor access
  • Mitigates public safety concerns
  • Restores/preserves habitat

Additional Details

Hurricane Sandy damaged a 1.2 mile bulkhead that surrounds the portion of the refuge known as Live Oak Point. Weakened areas gave way and large sections of bulkhead were ripped away, exposing the Point to massive erosion during Sandy and subsequent storms. The amount of erosion is compromising the only automobile tour route on the refuge, an important feeding area for wintering snow geese, a high quality wintering waterfowl impoundment and a conservation legacy area.

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MacKay Island Recovery Project Map

MacKay Island Damage Photos

Last updated: April 11, 2018