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Left: Centreville Dam, Right: Bloede Dam
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Removing the Centreville and Bloede Dams

Location: Maryland

Project type: Resilience

Project status: Complete

Funding awarded: $1,212,750


Centreville Dam removed Fall 2015.
Bloede Dam removed Fall 2018.

Read about the breach of Bloede Dam in the Baltimore Sun.

Project Summary

This project reduces risk of flooding from future storms at two locations:

  • Removal of the Centreville Dam in Centreville provides 2 miles of unimpeded passage for river herring and American eel to two miles of spawning habitat in Gravel Run. Natural river function is restored when impounded sediment is removed and riparian vegetation is restored. A local municipal building, evacuated several times in floods, is protected from future flooding.
  • Removal of the Bloede Dam restores herring, eel and American shad access to 9 mainstem miles (52 miles including tributaries) of upstream, historic spawning habitat. Two of four dams on this river have already been removed. This project also accommodates protection of a sewer pipe that runs along the Patapsco River in Catonsville.

Conservation Goals

  • Restore fish access to habitat
  • Protect local buildings and structures from the risk of catastrophic dam failure and flooding
  • Restore natural sediment transport and river function

Project Benefits

  • Restores access to 11 miles of historic spawning habitat for river herring, American eel and American shad
  • Restores river function, sediment transport and flood reduction
  • Protects municipal infrastructure including building and sewers

Project Partners

  • American Rivers
  • Town of Centreville
  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources
  • Maryland Department of Environmental Management
  • National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration - Restoration Center
  • National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
  • Patapsco River Restoration Project
  • McCormick Taylor

Additional Details

Hundreds of thousands of Baltimore and Washington tourists visit the Patapsco River State Park annually. Beyond its benefits to wildlife and natural systems, this project supports local and regional tourism economies as well as historically valuable commercial and recreational fishing for federally managed species. Reduced river flow elevations through dam removal enhance downstream flood control and property protection while offering fish a safe passage to upstream spawning habitat.

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Dam Removal Project Map

Centreville Dam Removal Photos


Last updated: February 5, 2019