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Gandy's Beach - USFWS.
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Gandy's Beach Shoreline Protection

Location: New Jersey

Project type: Resilience

Project status: Complete

Funding awarded: $880,000


Gandy's Beach project completed Fall 2016.

Read about the project in the Press of Atlantic City.

Project Summary

The Service will construct 3,000 feet of living shoreline and breakwater to restore 337 acres of salt marsh and adjacent uplands. This project will substantially improve the ability of the site to withstand storm surges and coastal erosion.

Conservation Goals

  • Restore salt marsh and adjacent uplands
  • Improve natural coastal defenses against future storms

Project Benefits

  • Reduces current erosion rate and storm damage and improves ecosystem connectivity
  • Increases protective capacity to buffer adjacent uplands
  • Restores and enhances habitat for migratory birds, fish, near-shore marine species and provides nursery habitats for commercial and recreational fish and shellfish
  • Improves near-shore water quality
  • Provides suitable oyster habitat to promote the growth of oyster reefs

Project Partners

  • New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), Bureau of Coastal Engineering
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Downe Township
  • Cumberland County
  • American Littoral Society
  • The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary
  • Rutgers University, Haskin Shellfish Research Lab

Additional Details

Gandy's Beach is currently a Nature Conservancy Preserve along an area of undeveloped shoreline on the Delaware Bay that provides valuable habitat for a variety of fish and wildlife. Its shore has been increasingly vulnerable to coastal erosion and was considerably impacted by storm surge from Hurricane Sandy. This project will build a shell-based living shoreline one mile offshore that will act as a breakwater and protect about one mile of sandy beach shoreline and adjacent salt marsh. Once constructed, the breakwater is projected to reduce incoming wave energy by up to 40 percent.

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Last updated: February 5, 2019