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Forested wetlands in Ferry Point watershed - Dan Murphy/USFWS
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Ferry Point, Nanticoke River, Pocomoke Sound Marsh Enhancement

Location: Maryland

Project type: Resilience

Funding awarded: $638,000

Project Summary

This project enhances and restores 2,600 acres of wetlands in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed by treating invasive species and restoring the natural hydrology of impacted wetlands. This will help support continued public hunting and fishing opportunities and an emerging nature tourism industry in the town of Vienna.

Conservation Goals

  • Enhance and restore wetlands in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
  • Improve habitat conditions and increase natural defenses to the effects of sea-level rise
  • Protect buildings and structures

Project Benefits

  • Improves the long-term health of marsh vegetative communities, resulting in stronger tidal wetland systems
  • Controls Phragmites, invasive vegetation, on infested lands by removing a source of seeds and rhizomes
  • Improves wetland habitat strength to the effects of sea-level rise and increase its ability to protect nearby man made structures in Crisfield, as well as 3,000 acres of adjacent salt marsh at the State of Maryland's Cedar Island Wildlife Management Area
  • Promotes native vegetation at the expense of exotic invasive species, such as Phragmites, which infest disturbed wetland habitat

Project Partners

  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources
  • Audubon Maryland-DC

Additional Details

Unaddressed, the expansion of Phragmites will continue to invade and dominate wetland habitats along the river. This project addresses problems on a significant spatial scale, treating source populations of Phragmites, or common reed, as well as new colonies along the river system. This will greatly decrease funds needed to maintain acceptable habitat quality in the future and set the foundation for productive future projects and initiatives. System-wide invasive plant control such as this is will be a precedent setting project.

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Last updated: November 6, 2016