Hurricane Sandy Recovery
Recovery, restoration & building coastal resilience
Eastern Virginia Rivers National Wildlife Refuge - USFWS

Eastern Virginia Rivers National Wildlife Refuge Complex

Location: Warsaw, VA

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Project: A Stronger Coast - Three USFWS Northeast Region National Wildlife Refuge Projects to Increase Coastal Resilience and Preparedness

Location: Regional

Project Type: Resilience

Funding awarded: $2,060,000

Project Summary

The three projects included in this study are intended to identify vulnerabilities and strengths of over 70 miles of shoreline at coastal refuges, assess the integrity of over 30,000 acres of coastal marsh that protect adjacent shorelines and help preserve the species they support.

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Project: Remove Debris from Shoreline

Location: Eastern Virignia Rivers National Wildlife Refuge - Warsaw, VA

Project Type: Recovery

Funding awarded: $14,250

Project Summary

This project will remove coastal debris from a stretch of shoreline at the Eastern Virginia Rivers National Wildlife Refuge.

Conservation / Restoration Goals

  • Clean and restore coastal marsh and beach habitat

Project Benefits

  • Restores coastal habitats
  • Addresses staff and visitor safety concerns

Additional Details

Storm surge from Hurricane Sandy washed debris ashore along the shoreline of refuges in the complex. Refuge staff will remove the debris and restore coastal habitat.

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Eastern VA Rivers Resilience Project Map

Eastern Virginia Rivers Recovery Project Map

Last updated: October 21, 2016