Building a Stronger Coast
Recovery, restoration & building coastal resilience
Islands at Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. Credit: Keith Shannon/USFWS

State Fact Sheets

Federal funding from the Department of the Interior through the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013 supports more than 80 projects in 14 states. These efforts help communities restore beaches, marshes and other affected natural areas that provide clean water, future storm protection, wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities.

Click to find a State Fact Sheet for a quick overview of Hurricane Sandy restoration projects happening in your state (pdf format):

Connecticut | Delaware | Maine | Maryland

Massachusetts | New Jersey | New York | North Carolina

Rhode Island | Virginia | West Virginia

*Note: Smaller recovery projects are also taking place in New Hampshire, Florida and Pennsylvania, as described on the Hurricane Sandy website projects page.

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Infographic: Building a Stronger Coast

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Last updated: April 10, 2018