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Another Day at the Office Video Description

Imagine working in a place where herds of buffalo thunder across the wide, open prairie
Where your co-workers ride on horseback through rustic rangeland
Where you can help Puerto Rican parrots come back from the brink of extinction
Where you can drive bulldozers, and get your hands dirty while creating habitat for wildlife
Where bi-planes soar across the Alaskan tundra in search of migratory birds
And you can make nests for the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker
Or capture fish to study their genetics and populations
A job where law enforcement officers use skiffs and dogs to enforce wildlife laws and protect visitors
Where the delicate grasses of a salt marsh are studied for their unique and fragile role in the ecosystem
Join us on this adventure
We even get paid to do this!

Spanish Translation - Another Day in the Office

Audio Files

Another Day in the Office - English
Another Day in the Office - Spanish

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