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The Service strives to be a leading employer among federal agencies. Our employees are encouraged to participate in all the benefit programs available, which include the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program, Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance Program, Flexible Savings Accounts, Long-Term Care Insurance, and the supplemental Vision and Dental Insurance Program.

In general, all permanent employees and employees whose appointments are for more than 1 year are eligible for health benefits and life insurance. Both programs provide group rates and with Service contributions toward the premiums. Employees and qualifying relatives are also eligible to enroll in long-term care insurance. The employee or qualifying relative receives a lower group rate, although they are required to pay 100% of the premium.

The Service also offers employee flexible spending accounts for medical expenses and dependant care and premium conversion for the employee’s portion of the health benefit premiums. Both of these program result in savings for employees.

Recently, the new Vision and Dental Supplemental Insurance Program has been added. Like the long-term care program, employees and family members receive a lower group rate, although they are required to pay 100% of the premium.

Employees can make eligible changes to their benefit enrollments through Employee Express.

Additional Information can be found at:

Specific Information can be found at:
Federal Employees Health Benefits Program
Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance Program
Long-Term Care Insurance
Flexible Spending Accounts
FSAFEDS – Enrollment and account management site
Supplemental Vision and Dental Insurance
BENEFEDS – Enrollment and account management site


Information on Designating Beneficiaries - provides information on the order of precedence, applicable forms, and instructions on filling out the forms.
Frequently Asked Questions on Designating Beneficiaries for FEGLI

Also check out our Work/Life section for additional programs available to Service Employees!

For additional questions, please contact Kathy Cannavino at 703-358-2576.

Last updated: October 4, 2016

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