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Telework: Roles and Responsibilites

As identified in DOI's telework policy, agency Human Resources Offices are responsible for developing and providing overall policy guidance for telework. In response, the Service has established a team of Regional Telework Coordinators. These coordinators are responsible for providing information and guidance to supervisors, managers, and employees on the telework program and procedures.

To participate in the telework program, an employee must complete the telework agreement Download Adobe PDF Reader and review the checklist Download Adobe PDF Reader. Upon completion, the agreement application is submitted to the employees first-level supervisor. The first-level supervisor reviews the application to ensure the employee meets performance and conduct standards and duties can be effectively performed away from the official duty station and makes a recommendation to the second-level supervisor. This recommendation and agreement application is then submitted to the second-level supervisor for final review and determination. (Pleases note, all telework agreements (both approved and declined) must be sent to your Regional Telework Coordinator.)

Employees approved for telework are responsible for adhering to the polices and procedures outlined in the agreement. Please remember telework is not an employee entitlement. Should it be demonstrated that your telework arrangement is negatively impacting the mission, it is within your supervisor's discretion to terminate the agreement.