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Process for Approving a Telework Application

As a first-level supervisor, you are responsible for reviewing telework agreement applications and making recommendations to the second-level supervisor.

Points you need to consider include, but are not limited to:

  • ensure the employee meets performance and conduct standards,
  • ensure duties can be effectively performed away from the official duty station, and
  • make a recommendation to the second-level supervisor,
  • ensure approved employees are provided with and performing tele-work on government owned equipment.
The second-level surpervisor will take your recommendation under consideration when making an approval or denial determination on the submitted agreement application. (Pleases note, all telework agreements (both approved and declined) must be sent to your Regional Telework Coordinator.)

You will need to provide employees approved for telework with government owned equipment on which to perform their duties and confirm they are aware of IT security requirements. If you find the telework arrangement is negatively impacting the mission, it is within your discretion to terminate the agreement.