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Merit System Principles

Adapted from §2301 (b) of the title 5 U.S.C.

Recruit, select, and advance on merit after fair and open competition.
Treat employees and applicants fairly and equitably.
Provide equal pay for equal work and reward excellent performance.
Maintain high standards of integrity, conduct, and concern for the public interest.
Manage employees efficiently and effectively.
Retain or separate employees on the basis of their performance.
Educate and train employees if it will result in better organizational or individual performance.
Protect employees from improper political influence.
Protect employees against reprisal for the lawful disclosure of information in "whistleblower" situations.

Prohibited Personnel Practices

Adapted from §2302 (b) of the title 5 U.S.C.

Illegally discriminate for or against any employee/applicant.
Solicit or consider improper employment recommendations.
Coerce an employee's political activity.
Obstruct a person's right to compete for employment.
Influence any person to withdraw from competition for a position.
Give unauthorized preference or improper advantage.
Employ or promote a relative.
Retaliate against a whistleblower, whether an employee or applicant.
Retaliate against employees or applicants for filing an appeal.
Unlawfully discriminate for off-duty conduct.
Knowingly violate veterans' preference requirements.
Violate any law, rule, or regulation which implements or directly concerns the merit principles.