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Leave and Hours of Duty

Most permanent federal employees are eligible earn and use annual and sick leave. Annual leave is used for personal leave and approved at the discretion of the immediate supervisor. Full-time employees earn leave based on their length of service. For additional information on annual leave, please see the OPM fact sheet.

Additionally, full-time employees earn 4 hours of sick leave per pay period. Employee may use their sick leave for a personal illness or to care for an ill family member. The following OPM fact sheets provide additional information on the use of sick leave, family friendly leave, and family medical leave act:

Part-time employees earn a pro-rated amount of leave; see the fact sheets above for details.
With the approval of an employee’s immediate supervisor, the Service also offers flexible and compressed work schedules. The following charts provide detailed information on each schedule type:

Specific Information on the programs can be found at:

Additional Information can be found at:


Please contact your servicing HR office for questions or concerns. Region 9 and Washington Office employees should contact Rebekah Giddings at 703-358-2117.