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Ethics and Financial Disclosure Program

The Service’s Ethics program provides the framework for employee’s standards of conduct, political activity, and the financial disclosure program. All new employees are required to read the Ethics Guide for Employees of the Department of the Interior Download Adobe PDF Reader; additionally, current employees are encouraged to review the information annually. Also, on-line training is available from the Department on ethics issues, located at: This training is required annually for financial disclosure filers, and encouraged for all employees.

Certain employees are required to complete a Confidential Financial Disclosure form each year in February. These forms are used to identify potential conflicts of interest with the private financial interests the employee may have. Employees who are required to file must complete an OGE 450 Download Adobe PDF Reader when they enter their position. They are also notified annually by their HR Office. If your position requires you to file, you will be contacted by HR.

Specific Information on the program can be found at:
The Service Manual provides details on the following subjects:

  • Standards of Conduct - 212 FW 1
  • Financial Reporting Requirements - 212 FW 2
  • Acceptance of Travel Expenses - 212 FW 3
  • Participation in Outside Organizations - 212 FW 4
  • Approval of Outside Employment with a Prohibited Source - 212 FW 5
  • Political Activities - 212 FW 6

Additional Information can be found at:


  • Financial Disclosure Form OGE 450 Download Adobe PDF Reader
  • No New Interests Financial Disclosure Form OGE 450-A Download Adobe PDF Reader

Completed forms for Region 9 employees should be submitted to Rebekah Giddings, HR-2000 Arlington Square.

Please contact your servicing HR office for questions or concerns. Region 9 and Washington Office employees should contact Kathyrn Cole at 703-358-2587.