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The Service is a mission oriented organization committed to the accomplishments of goals and objectives. To ensure the success of our programs, we have developed an exciting employee recognition program that encourages employee excellence through a variety of methods, including honor awards, monetary awards for special acts and performance, non-monetary awards, time off awards, and quality step increases.

The two main purposes of the Service’s reorganization and award program are to allow flexibility in recognizing individual and group achievements and to acknowledge contributions that lead to the achievement of results. The Program objectives are to encourage all employees to actively share in improving Government operations, enhance productivity and creativity, and optimize personal job satisfaction.

Monetary Awards - we have 2 types of awards, the Special Thanks for Achieving Results (STAR) award and the performance award.

  • A STAR award is granted for a one time accomplishment or project that was above and beyond the employee’s daily activities.
  • A performance award is granted based on the employees’ rating on their annual performance appraisal. Employees who receive a level 4 or 5 rating are eligible for consideration for a monetary or time off award. Employees who receive a level 5 are also eligible for a quality step increase award.

These awards have specific time limits related to the performance appraisal process. For additional information, please see the Performance Management page of this site and visit 224 FW 1.

Non-Monetary Awards – we have honor awards and informal honors.

  • Honor awards are a prestigious form of recognition bestowed on employees and partners-in-mission for significant accomplishments and contribution to the Service’s and Department’s mission. For more information, see 224 FW 6 -- Honor Awards
  • Informal Honors and other Non-Monetary Awards are designed to be a quick tool for managers to immediately recognize an employee’s achievements. A few examples include items with the Service logo (shirts or coffee mugs) or letters of appreciation. Another great option is a gift card/certificate to a local store. While employees are responsible for the tax liability on gift cards, this type of reorganization is very popular.

Specific Information on the program can be found at:

Additional Information can be found at:

All awards require a completed DI 451, Department of the Interior Award Certification. Download Adobe PDF Reader
Completed forms for Region 9 employees should be submitted to Rebekah Giddings, HR-2000 Arlington Square.

For questions or concerns, please contact Rebekah Giddings at 703-358-2117.