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Workforce Transformation Tracking System and an Entry on Duty System

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS)is participating in a pilot program led by the National Business Center to develop a Workforce Transformation Tracking System (WTTS) and an Entry on Duty System (EODS). The WTTS will provide real time workflow and status monitoring of all workforce transformations and the EODS will automate data collection and processing related to employee provisioning.

Once implemented the workforce data provided by the WTTS system will assist in all phases of workforce planning and facilitate the secured management of on and off-boarding of personnel. These innovative systems with help the Service comply with all security mandates such as Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12.

The EODS will streamline the hiring process by providing secured access to on-line forms for new employees, as well as expedite the hiring process by pre-populating employee forms with information obtained from various personal and staffing systems.

Both systems are planned to be fully integrated with our personnel and payroll system (FPPS); our staffing provider (USAStaffing); and with the Office of Personnel Management’s e-Official Personnel Folder Initiative.

FWS is part of an NBC pilot to convert NASA’s Workforce Tracking and Transformation System (WTTS)/Entrance on Duty System (EODS) to an NBC hosted system for use by all DOI bureaus. We are in the final stages of requirements gathering and system documentation. WTTS/EODS testing and pilot participant training will begin June 2009. This system is designed to ultimately provide for Secured On and Off-boarding of employees, in-line with the requirements of HSPD-12 and the HR LOB.