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Quicktime: Web-based Time and Attendance

What is Quicktime?

The FWS uses an electronic time and attendance (T&A) system – Quicktime. Quicktime is a user-friendly, web-based time and attendance system designed to address Federal rules and regulations and Interior Business Center's (IBC) specific policies and procedures regarding time and attendance. Quicktime is available Monday - Friday: 600 am-5:30 pm (MST/MDT) and Saturday: 6: 00 am - 4:00 pm.

Your time and attendance for the current pay period must be entered thru Quicktime Login. NBC offers Quicktime web-based training which all employees are required to complete prior to implementation.

You can find additional information on the IBC website.

Useful Information for Certifiers
Useful Information for Employees
Useful Information for Timekeepers