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Celebrating Latino Conservation Week

About Latino Conservation Week

Celebrate Latino Conservation Week July 17-25, 2021! The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service partners with Hispanic Access Foundation in support of their annual initiative to amplify the Latino community’s passion for the outdoors. This annual celebration provides online, self-guided and in-person activities on national wildlife refuges, national fish hatcheries and other public lands to increase opportunities to engage the next generation of conservationists.

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A woman ties a fishing lure while an FWS employee checks fishing gear in the background on a fishing pier.

#WeAreUSFWS and #SomosUSFWS

From fish biologists, botanists, bird biologists and park rangers to refuge managers and volunteers, check out the Latinos representing us and conserving America’s wildlife each day. #WeAreUSFWS amplifies the voices of our workforce and leaders in conservation. #SomosUSFWS features the Latinos making their mark in conservation.

Discover their Stories

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FWS employee on bicycle looks at two trail exhibits about the refuge as the refuge landscape stretches out into the distance.

More Features

Explore more stories that celebrate Latinos engaged in conservation.

Forging Connections With Latino Communities

Learn how J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge in Florida works with their Friends group and partners to increase Spanish-speaking programs and opportunities on the refuge.

National Elk Refuge Reaching Out to Latino Community

Learn more about how National Elk Refuge in Wyoming works with Grand Teton National Park on the Pura Vida program designed to engage Latino students on field trips to public lands in the region.

Connecting Urban and Rural

Nancy Fernandez, now Urban Refuge Ranger at San Diego National Wildlife Refuge, talks about the significance of connecting people and nature and the barriers to and progress with engaging with African American and Latino communities.

Working with the Hispanic Access Foundation to Bring in Talent like Ariel Martinez

Ariel Martinez, a Hispanic Access Foundation fellow, shares her conservation career story and how she came across working for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Happy Latino Conservation Week, 2020

Learn more about the Hispanic Access Foundation’s 2020 intern cohort with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.