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National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation

  The US Fish and Wildlife Service also sponsors a National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation every 5 years. The questions are developed in concert with technical committee members from every state and with representatives of nongovernmental organizations. The 2001 survey, which is the estimates the following:
  • 10.9 million people hunted big game such as deer or elk
  • 5.4 million hunted small game such as rabbits or squirrels
  • 3 million hunted migratory birds such as doves or waterfowl
  • 1 million hunted other animals such as woodchucks and raccoons
  • of the 13 million hunters in 2001, the average individual spent 18 days hunting and $1,581 on their sport
  • since the 1991 survey, hunting expenditures increased 29% (expenditures for 4x4 vehicles, campers, vans, cabins, and boats increased 183%).

In additional to the national report, 50 separate State-specific reports are available as PDF files. The new survey will be conducted in 2006.

News Releases About Hunting and Fishing Licenses Statistics Since 1975-2000

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