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Glacial Rebound on Taashuyee (Mendenhall Wetlands)

Taashuyee, river- tide- or mudflats (Mendenhall Wetlands) are the ancestral lands of the Tlingit people. These wetlands provide habitat for thousands of shorebirds and other wildlife and are a treasured recreation area for Juneau residents and visitors.

Not only are these wetlands of cultural, ecological, and recreational importance, but they are also undergoing a unique geological process known as glacial rebound, which results in shrinking of the refuge boundary.

Learn how the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is working with Southeast Alaska Land Trust and landowners to ensure the lands undergoing this transition are available for use by future generations.

Large split image with the title "Glacial Rebound on Taashuyee (Mendenhall Wetlands)." Second and slightly small title that reads, "Conserving wetlands and community access in Southeast Alaska through partnerships." Small title that reads, "Project supported by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Southeast Alaska Land Trust." The left is a large image of a open prairie of dry grass. Click this image to view it's link.