Question: What are some of the problems you encounters working with bears in such a cold climate? Do you need special equipment, special clothing?

Answer (Scott Schliebe): You have to have arctic equipment and that's heavy duty parkas, gloves and mittens. Also you have to make sure you take the proper survival gear in case you have to set down on the ice and ride out some time, due to loss of (day) light, or run out of fuel, to get you by until someone can come and help you. Within the Fish and Wildlife Service, we have a fairly stringent training regime for people that work out in the Arctic. And that goes all the way from taking survival training, learning how to use this equipment, taking CPR and first aid training. And then also we've got what they call the 'pinch-hitter' pilot training, so that individuals that are in aircraift safety so that people out in this area working in aircraft are using the best equipment and the most safe procedures possible.