Question: You know, it seems like you have a very exciting career, but in the conversation that we just had, it seems like you would have to have some pretty skilled pilots to get you out there in the places where you're going since you work in such remote areas. Could you talk to us a little bit about who your pilots are?

Answer (Scott Schliebe): Well we do. We're very careful. It's a remote area--it's hazardous duty. And probably one of the most important links to our work out on the sea ice are the pilots that fly us out there.

We've had incredibly good pilots. They are very skilled. They have exceptional navigation skills. They are arctic-proven. And have many, many hours of flight time. So they are a key component to our success in being able to work out in this environment. I got a special level of respect for them, and the mechanics and all the people that make sure that our aircraft are well-maintained and ready to go.