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Tools of the Trade -- Part 5 of 5 - (Video) -- A Look at Wildland Firefighting Tools. What does it take to control a fire gone wild? This 3:00 minute video, narrated by fire engine boss Christina Haydon, shows how wildland firefighters use specialized tools and techniques to tame the flames.


What's In the Bag-- Part 4 of 5 - (Video) -- A Look at Wildland Fireline Gear. What do you pack for a trip to the fireline? This 3:00 minute video, narrated by fire training specialist Russ Babiak, offers a peek at the interesting array of items a typical wildland firefighter carries on the job.


Dressed for Fire -- Part 3 of 5 - (Video) -- A Look at Wildland Firefighter Clothing. How does someone work long, hard hours next to flames and smoke, without being worse for the wear? This 3:00 minute video, narrated by fire crew member Kaili McCray, provides a demonstration of personal protective equipment worn by all wildland fire personnel on the fireline.


Keeping Fire on Our Side -- Part 2 of 5 - (Video) -- Stepping into a Controlled Burn.How does the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service keep controlled burns under control? This 4:30 minute video, narrated by fire information officer Karen Miranda Gleason, gives an inside look at what goes into planning and conducting a prescribed fire.


Wildfire and Animals -- Part 1 of 5 - (Video) -- What’s the Real Story? What does wildlife do when lightning sparks wildfire or people are careless with matches and campfires? This 4:00 minute video, narrated by Fire Information Officer Mike McMillan, looks at wildfire from the animals' point of view.


Last updated: May 29, 2012
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