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Earth Day

Each year, Earth Day is a time to give back to the environment by participating in many of the Service’s scheduled events. Earth care is self-care, and that is more important than ever these days. For 2021, we are providing fun, virtual activities and information for you and for families.


Watch the live eagle cam at the National Conservation Training Center in partnership with the Outdoor Channel.

Pair of bald eagles in nest.



Manatee swimming in wate with a school of fish behind it.   A fish-friendly culvert designed by students
Conservation Connect takes
students on virtual fieldtrips
across the country to learn more about wildlife species, conservation careers, and technology used to study and protect these wild creatures.
  The Fish and Aquatic Conservation
program offers great
environmental education
science activities kids
can do at home to learn about the amazing lives
of migratory fish.



Cheetah cub.

Check out free PK-12 resources on science, wildlife and conservation from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute.



Eider male.   Learn about the weird and wonderful world of wildlife with fun online games and educational tools.
Learn about the weird
and wonderful world of wildlife
with fun online games
and educational tools.
  What a good time to see how
many nature ABCs you can find close to home.
Sacramento Refuge Complex has a printable scorecard.



A view from the ground of green vegetation View of a pond at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge.  
Explore Your World
with the Midwest Fisheries Center, an educational opportunity for kids to go out in their yards and study the plants and animals.
Join John
Heinz National Wildlife Refuge
at Tinicum for live nature programs on Facebook


  Loxahatchee sign.
Take a tour
of Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, located in the historic and picturesque northern Everglades of Florida.


Father daughter and son enjoy afternoon of fishing.   The Pacific Lamprey Experience workbook cover.
Fishing is fun for everyone!
Download and print variety of resources,
activities and information. 


Creature comforts:
I like being “stuck” at home,
probably because I am a Pacific lamprey.
Learn more!